RTP 2050 Call for Projects seeks regionally significant transportation projects

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 2050 Call for Projects is now open! The purpose of this call is to solicit all types of transportation projects from across the Kansas City metro that address transportation needs identified for the region. Projects submitted should be regionally significant in nature.

This process is intended to prioritize projects to be included in the plan’s financially constrained list. While this is not an application for specific funding, inclusion in the plan is a requirement in some cases, and a boost in others, for future funding opportunities. The Call for Projects will close on April 25 at 4 p.m.

After the deadline, all applications will be made available online for public review and comment. MARC staff will also score the projects based on a set of established criteria then assemble the projects into packages. They will use modeling software to see how these groups of projects — also called scenarios — impact certain outcomes of the transportation system. Ultimately, a list of financially constrained projects will be included in the final plan, slated to be adopted in June 2020.

RTP 2050 is the update to the region’s current long-range transportation plan, Transportation Outlook 2040. Per federal requirements, long-range plans must be updated every five years, have at least have a 20-year time horizon and demonstrate financial constraint with resources that can reasonably be expected to be available over the life of the plan.