Household travel survey helps improve future of transportation

How We Move KC is a carefully designed survey to collect data and feedback from residents about how and where they travel in the region.

Through May 2019, randomly selected mailing addresses in the Kansas City region will receive letters inviting those households to participate in the study. Household members will be asked to provide some demographic information and report where and how they travel on an assigned travel day, including every trip made by each household member for the entire 24 hours. The information provided will be converted to statistical data and used only for study purposes. All personal information will remain confidential.

If you’ve recieved a letter to participate, click here to enter your PIN and begin.

The data will help transportation agencies better understand how roads, public transportation, bike lanes and sidewalks are used today, and how they can be improved to make travel better in the future.

How We Move KC is sponsored by the Mid-America Regional Council with support from the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Missouri Department of Transportation.