CHWs provide links between clients and health services

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are trained professionals who serve as a bridge between patients and health or social services agencies. Since they’re usually from the communities they serve, they understand and can represent the needs and interests of their clients, helping them to communicate better with health care providers and to self-manage their health conditions.

Community Health Workers are employed by social service organizations, public health agencies, doctors’ offices, schools and health insurance organizations, as well as clinics and hospitals. CHWs also help clients access community-based services such as food assistance or transportation, which can greatly improve clients’ health outcomes. Find out more about CHWs.

The regional CHW Collaborative was formed in early 2016 following growing interest and participation in a regional advisory committee MARC had established a few years earlier. The CHW Collaborative’s mission is to further the integration of CHWs into the health and human services systems and to build the capacity of the profession in our region. The Collaborative meets bimonthly at the MARC conference center, and three working subcommittees meet on a monthly basis. Learn more about the collaborative here, or by reading the CHW Enews.