Updated Education Asset Inventory connects education and industry

To have a significant impact on the regional economy — and on the quality of life of those who complete degrees — postsecondary attainment must lead to quality jobs in key industry sectors. Building strong connections between education and industry requires a clear understanding of currently available educational credentials.

Each year, through the GradForceKC initiative, MARC partners with education, workforce, civic and nonprofit leaders to produce the Education Asset Inventory, a report that captures the postsecondary credentials available in the Kansas City region for five industry sectors that are particularly important to the regional economy — advanced manufacturing, engineering and architecture, finance and insurance, information technology and life sciences. We surveyed 33 public, nonprofit and for-profit colleges and universities to find out that they offer a total of 2,261 credentials in these sectors.

This chart illustrates the balance of entry-level educational opportunities versus bachelor’s degrees and above for each sector.

The inventory provides a comprehensive overview of degree programs in these specific high-growth sectors that are available at public, private and nonprofit postsecondary institutions located within the Kansas City region. The report is designed to help educators and administrators make informed decisions about courses and curriculum, and help prospective students find institutions that offer the credentials they need for their chosen careers.