Shared Services webinar to discuss staff efficiency for public service

Representatives from jurisdictions across the region are invited to attend the “Understanding Shared Services” webinar on Oct. 28 to learn how communities can improve capacity and efficiency while saving costs by working with the Institute of Building Technology and Safety (IBTS). Curt Skoog, branch manager, will provide an overview of IBTS’s shared services, provide examples of how shared services have helped MARC communities and answer questions about the program.

As part of its regional approach to shared services, MARC contracts with the Institute of Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) to provide services to help jurisdictions more easily meet the needs of their residents by filling staffing gaps, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, accessing expertise and increasing capacity, quality and efficiency. If your staff capacity is limited and you are struggling to keep up with service demands, IBTS can help.

As a nonprofit organization, IBTS’s mission is to help strengthen communities. They have many years of experience serving dozens of MARC members, and more than 40 years of serving local, state and federal governments across the country.

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