Retail trends report examines how national changes impact our region

Retail is a sector that is important to many people but changes considerably over time. The presence of retail stores, the way they are built and the health of the industry contribute to how we use land and transportation. Local and state governments are also concerned with the health of the retail industry, as taxes from retail sales give those governments an important source of income.

MARC’s Kansas City Regional Retail Trends Report seeks to answer the question: What is the nine-county Kansas City region’s exposure to changes in the retail industry?

The report explores trends in retail trade and in services often included in retail developments. It examines the impact of supercenters and warehouse clubs on retail, compared to other department stores and electronic shopping. And it looks at how retail has fared during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data in this report can help inform the decision-making process for city planners, city administrators and elected officials. It can also spark questions and conversations around specific topics, such as how a jurisdiction currently uses land for retail.

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