COVID-19 resources available on is the region's emergency preparedness site.

You can find Kansas City metro COVID-19 data, vaccine information and testing sites at, the region’s emergency preparedness website. Visit the site to find:

  • Kansas City Region COVID-19 Data Hub: The regional data hub shows information and trends related to hospitalizations, testing, vaccinations, cases and deaths.
  • Weekly COVID-19 highlights: These messages and recommended actions focus on what’s happening in our region and what you can do to stay safe. Find the highlights under the data hub’s blog posts.
  • Regional risk assessment: Also called the “bottom line,” this color-coded resource shows the hazard effects on the population related to transmission, mitigation and our ability to respond to COVID-19. Find it in the data hub’s top navigation.
  • Regional testing calendar: The calendar displays testing opportunities around the region.
  • Vaccination information: See the latest vaccine news and how to find a vaccine.
  • Stop the spread: Read the latest guidance on how to stay safe.

There’s plenty of other helpful information on such as:

  • How to prepare for natural disasters and other hazards by learning about the risks from floods, storms, carbon monoxide poisoning and more.
  • How to create a plan and make an emergency supply kit with helpful checklists.

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